Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can't Wait Till Vacation.....

Killer Crayfish Pattern....

Well, I have been slacking a bit on the blog. So, I will continue to update more often in the upcoming weeks. Here is an awesome crayfish pattern that I am tying in the traditional burnt orange color as well as an olive shade too. After discussing with a local that fishes the water near my house, all he raved about was this pattern that he uses to slam the Smallmouth and the abundant Carp that are willing to take a fly. I tied a few for a quick fish for about an hour to test drive this pattern, and I am sold after hooking into a small carp that late afternoon. The action on this fly is second to none. I will post a video in a week or so. Enjoy....

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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Fly Stop....

I came across this site about a year ago when looking for a pattern to tie. After I saw the prices, I became more intrigued. In the middle of the guiding season and in the midst of getting married, I placed my first order with The Fly Stop because I did not have enough time to get some of my tying completed. The flies came very promptly and were excellent in quality. I also ordered some fly collections for some of the men in my wedding party as gifts and they really loved the quality, especially the Tarpon flies. The inventory of flies in this online shop continues to grow, which includes Dries, Nymphs, Streamers, Steelhead, Saltwater, Soft Hackles, and Bass flies. The best part of the deal, is the flies start at $0.50 a fly. Since the beginning of the store, Kory has also added leaders, fly boxes, and some apparel. So give these guys a chance, you will not be disappointed at all.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Too Many To Count...

I had the day off today so I did what any other fishing guide does on their day off...FISH!!! I arrived at the river around 10:30 AM and started of with a Black Coffee Woolly Bugger, and within minutes was into fish. Then right around 11:00 AM the stream turned on and I was surrounded by Black Stone Flies and the fish began to devour every bug that floated by. So I tied on a size #16 Black Stone Dry Fly and proceeded to destroy the fish. The dry fly fishing was fantastic for close to 5 hours, there were fish rising all over the place. I was surprised the fish were so on this early in the season! When there was a break in the surface action I would quickly switch to a Black Copper John under a P.T. and would pick up a few nymphing just to pass the time till the fish began rising again. Once again it was another outstanding day to be on the water, lots of bugs, lots of fish, lots of fun! Fish On...

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Monday, March 16, 2009

This Guy is Insane.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Solid Weekend of Fishing....

As soon as work let out on Friday, I sprinted up the mountain to fish a freestone stream that had some solid early season dry fly fishing. BWOs and Stoneflies were the ticket that afternoon. When the action slowed on the surface, a Woolly Bugger produced fish in a multitude of colors. Pictured above is my buddy's drift boat that we floated on Saturday. The weather looked promising when we had put in, but that changed when a storm front started to move in after being on the water for about two hours. The water temperature was still around 41F which held the fish in the deepest holes as well as limiting their feeding activity for the day. We hooked a few solid browns and rainbows, but only land one for the day. Had a hefty rainbow on that was in the 5-6 lbs. range, but he spit the hook after a tough fifteen minute battle in some swift water. All fish were caught a sculpin and zonker pattern in hook sizes ranging from #4-8. Hopefully next week on the float will produce some more active fish and weather.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Spool Productions.....

Here is a sweet video from a new fly fishing production company that is producing some High Definition projects. New Spool Productions is out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. So check them out at New Spool Productions. If the surface action in this video doesn't get the blood pumping, there is something wrong with you. Enjoy....

Early Spring Dry Fly Action.....

After a long day of teaching, a trip up the mountain was exactly what the doctor ordered and then some. Nothing beats early March dry fly fishing. A decent amount of bugs out to stir the fish up to the surface which included #16 Stones and #18 Blue Wing Olives. I fished an #18 Adams for most of the evening until I could not see the fly due to darkness. That fly alone produced many times to the constantly rising fish. Right before darkness set in, I switched to a White Woolly Bugger to catch a few before heading back to the car. Here are a couple of photos from the trip. I left my SLR in the car because I forgot to bring my smaller lens, but luckily I ran into some guys that I had done some steelhead fishing with about two weeks ago that had a camera on them. So thanks again Brandon. This post had taken forever this evening while watching the Pens comeback against the Blue Jackets. What a third period and getting a much needed point to inch further into the playoffs. Also this weekend, I will have another Tying video to post.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rumor Has it.....

I know everyone has been loving this beautiful spring weather, but folks I am almost sure that this weekend is going to end up back being cold and miserable. So in honor of the weather change, here is some humor for your delightful viewing.


-I thought it only appropriate to lighten the mood of folks chomping at the bit, just waiting for the weather to finally break for good. For the link to the website where I found this video, feel free to leave a comment for me below and I will return it quickly. I had aspirations of going steelhead fishing this weekend, however I think I have talked myself into floating the Middle Yough River with the administrator JMP and my brother Ian. Stay tuned, perhaps there might be pictures of big fish in the nearing future. Until then, tight lines and remember "a fish that was almost caught, really was never caught", GET FISHY HANDS!!!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Day...

These pics are from earlier this afternoon, I was able to get out and catch a few fish. It's tough trying to take pictures on your own so these were a few of my better attempts. The hot flies for the day were a size #12 egg with a little flash tied out of the back to give it a milking effect and a size #18 black copper john. At one point I went 9 fish for 9 cast, pretty ridiculous. All in all it was a great day to be on the water...but what day isn't! On a side note I had my first guided fishing trip of the 09' season this past Saturday the 7th, the gentleman's name was Greg Davis. We had an outstanding morning landing over a dozen fish, the kicker is one of them could very well be the fish of a lifetime for this guy! We landed a Rainbow that was between 25-30 inches and 6-10 pounds, unfortunately I did not have my camera on me and he had left his in the truck! So we did not take any photos but that monster was in out hands and released to fight another day! So when you share this story with your buddies Greg you can let them read this blog so they know you are not telling fish tales....GREAT JOB!!!

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Man I am tired of cold weather. This is one of the only reasons to be thankful for it.....


-Here is a teaser of false albacore fishing located down on Harker's Island, North Carolina.

Over the past five or six years, this fishery has become sought after for flyfisherman with hopes of chasing one of the smallest of the tuna family. One should note, that this area has been home to some of the best Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing in the past decade. If you have ever the opportunity to fish for that species, what a thrill. I hope you enjoy.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Walk Down the Road....

After tutoring my sister in some school work, we decided to walk down the road to see if we can find some bronzebacks. After trying a few patterns, a size 8 clouser was the ticket. Since this is right out my front door, I was happy I brought that fly. I was also hoping to catch some sauger as well as the white bass that are usually a bit more active in the early spring. The stoneflies were out in good numbers and had a hard time keeping this off of me. It reminded myself of the movie, "The Hatch."
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Sketch & Release....

For those who are catch and release anglers, this site is for you. I had found this site about two months ago and I really think it is a great idea. They do a great job of taking your photo and recreating it into an awesome water color print. The prices are not that bad as well. So check them out at this LINK.
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tungsten BH Stonefly Video...


Here is the second fly tying video released on this blog. This is the stonefly nymph that I used as a point fly while steelhead fishing in Erie. The following materials were used:
Hook- #8-14 Curved Nymph
Thread- Black
Legs & Wing Cases- Pheasant Breast Feathers
Rib- Krystal Flash
Tail- Black Goose Biots
Body- Black Stonefly Nymph Dubbing

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brooks, Browns, & Bows... And Cutts???

Back into the archive...you can't have a blog about trout and not include Yellowstone Cutthroats! Here are a few pics of fish I caught this past September while fishing Yellowstone National Park. The top photo is my first ever Cutt, I caught this fish on a olive bead head bugger on Soda Butte Creek. It was extremely cold that first morning and it took a chunky fly to move this chunky fish. The next two fish were caught on Slough Creek a tributary to the Lamar River. Second fish was caught on a Western Green Drake pattern, we were lucky enough to catch the end of this awesome hatch while we were in the park! And the last is not a true Cutthroat it is actually a Cutt-Bow that was taken on a bee pattern. Yes I said a bee pattern(if you enlarge the photo you can see the fly really well), it was one of my most productive flies during this trip! I can not express enough how awesome it is to fish Yellowstone all I can say is if you get the chance do it!!!

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Our Best Early Season Steelhead Fly...


As promised, I stated that we will start to have fly tying videos of the most productive flies that we use while guiding and fly fishing in our free time. Even though this pattern is very simple, it is our most productive fly for early season success. Tight lines....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cold Steel...

All of the tying that I had done over the past week for this trip to Erie had paid off. The tungsten Stoneflies featured earlier in the blog was perfect as a lead fly to get the flies on the bottom to entice many strikes this weekend. In one stretch of the stream, we had about 50 hookups in about 3 hours of fishing. The one interesting aspect of fishing this weekend was learning how to deal with the slush in the AM. It wasn't till about 10AM or 11AM that the fishing really began to peak when finally, the slush was diminishing. All in all, a good weekend of fishing. We also caught more hens than bucks on this trip. The big hen above weighed 10.5 lbs. Well enjoy the photos.
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